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Jotech TuningLet our experienced, race track proven tuners take your car to the next level.


We offer custom Jotech-Tune and ECM Reflash for many applications. Tuning is a major component to making reliable horsepower and the difference between winning & losing. From daily-driver cars to dedicated race cars. There are many factors that will make a great performance tune from power & torque delivery, smooth driveability, cold-start, idle characteristics and even fuel economy. We offer the most extensive tuning knowledge and capabilities by our world-class tuner Kenny Tran with over 21 years of racing and tuning experience.

There are many tuning platforms available, we specialize in these:

Dyno Labor Rates:

Power Checks:

$100 — 4 runs (2WD)

$150 — 4 runs (4WD)

Flat Rate Dyno Tuning:

AEM EMS: $700 - $1000

Cobb Accessport R35: $800 - $1800

Cobb Accessport Porsche: $1000-$1850

Cobb Accessport Evo — Subaru: $500 - $800

ECUTEK: $550 - $1000

Hondata FlashPro: $550 - $1000 (All-Motor - Fully-Built)

Hondata S300 / K-Pro: $550 - $1000 (All-Motor - Fully-Built)

Motec M4 — M48: $1000- - $1500

OpenSource: $650-750

Motec: M150 — M400 — M600 — M800 — M880: $1000 - $1500

UPREV: $550 - $1000

Custom Dyno Tuning: (Usually for Race Cars only)

$250 for first hour

$150 for each additional hour (EMS Tuning)

Pricing varies depending on the degree of technical skill and specialized equipment required to tune each category of vehicle. Generally, the greater the modifications done to your vehicle, the greater the level of complexity in the engine management system and it will take more time to fine tune your car.

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