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All of our Nissan project cars.
July 5, 2014in GT-R, Nissan

Stage 6 "Blitz" GT-R with 1,165 AWHP. View project
January 15, 2014in GT-R, Nissan

Stage 6-S GT-R "Meteor" with 1,026 AWHP. View project
January 4, 2014in GT-R, Nissan

Stage 4 "Ninja" GT-R with 800WHP. View project
January 4, 2014in GT-R, Nissan

Stage 2 "Canadian GT-R" with 567whp / 646wtq. View project
November 19, 2013in GT-R, Nissan

Stage 3 "Sensational" GT-R for Gerald Sensabaugh of the Dallas Cowboys with 698 AWHP. View project
October 31, 2013in GT-R, Nissan

2014 Black Edition Stage 2 "VD" GT-R with 620 AWHP/660 WTQ. View project
September 13, 2013in GT-R, Nissan

Stage 2 "Take Off" 2010 GT-R with 602 AWHP + 656 WTQ. View project
July 10, 2013in GT-R, Nissan

Stage 6-S 2013 Black Edition GT-R "BHold" with 1,060WHP. View project
June 14, 2013in 370 Z, Nissan

Stage 3 "Alien" 370z Nismo Twin Turbo with 638 RWHP. View project