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April 5, 20156 years ago

Stage 6-S "1-GT-R" GT-R Completed!

We just recently wrapped up this Stage 6-S "1-GT-R" GT-R making 1023 AWHP/922 WTQ! Check out the shoot. Read more
August 16, 20146 years ago

Alpha 10 "KU" GT-R Completed

We just recently wrapped up this Alpha 10 "KU" GT-R making 1,040 WHP at 955 WTQ! Check out the shoot. Read more
July 12, 20137 years ago

HRE Photoshoot — Stage 2 "TAKEOFF" GT-R

Stage 2 "TAKEOFF" GT-R gets a photoshoot. Read more
September 10, 20128 years ago

Mecum Auto Auction Dallas

We went to the Mecum Auto Auction in Dallas, Texas with Black Magic, Rain X, and Gumout. See inside for a boatload of pictures from the event! Read more
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February 22, 20129 years ago

Dallas Autorama Show

We attended the Dallas Autorama show the other night, check out our photo gallery! Read more
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June 13, 201110 years ago

Go Mavs!

We change up our website's look in celebration for our hometown's team NBA Finals win. Read more