June 28, 2011 Posted by admin in Photoshoot

A Phat Combination

We always love when our customers know exactly what they want to do with their car, and it winds up becoming one of the best looking cars we've worked on. Well this owner has done that twice. His first project was our HKS Evo X (See this car's project page here), which took him months of work and decisions. A Stage 3 Package, some HRE wheels, and a ridiculous amount of carbon fiber later, it became one of the baddest looking Evo's in the world.

The next project is his Stage 2 GT-R 'Phat GT-R' (See this car's project page here). The very small details are what make this car visually, and the fact that it never has a speck of dust helps as well. After spending months and months on these two cars, the owner of course wanted a proper photo shoot, so we sent him our in-house photographer. (Remember some of our packages will come with a photoshoot package included!)

So here's the results:

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