August 23, 2011 Posted by admin in General

Black Magic partners up with Jotech Motorsports!

In our 17 year long history we've had a number of great sponsors, but we're especially proud to introduce our newest sponsor — Black Magic. As a high-performance shop it's obvious that speed and power are a couple of our top priorities, but there's another important part of creating and maintaining an amazing car; appearance. At Jotech we're known for making as many appearances as possible at all of our local events and gatherings, and we always want our vehicles looking their best. We've been using Black Magic products for the past several years, and we know that it will bring out the best shine possible.

This partnership has a lot of exciting things in store for us! One of the biggest being our planned appearance and expo at the SEMA 2011 Las Vegas show. With an indoor booth and large expo area outside we'll be proudly displaying our work and cars to tens of thousands of people in the automotive industry. Alongside the SEMA show we've lined up a busy event schedule — so expect to see us even more often and with only the best of the best (and cleanest) cars. Now that we have a solid schedule lined up, we will soon be releasing our tour dates here online so you can be sure to stop by and check out our most recent cars and work up close and in person!

Our largest source of fans and followers are from the grassroots and DIY car community, and it's all the same with Black Magic. True car lovers (or "Carcissist" as Black Magic has named them) knows anything worth doing is worth doing right. That's why we've spent years perfecting our craft, and why Black Magic has done the same. So you can rest assured you're not just cleaning your car with Black Magic, but using the most advanced and researched product available on the market.

We can't wait to see what else comes from this partnership, and we'll be releasing photo and video updates of what we're up to out there! Stay tuned to our website here or become a fan on our Facebook Page to see the latest. Most of all, thank you all for your continued support, and we look forward to growing and expanding while keeping true to our roots and fans.
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