April 11, 2011 Posted by admin in Project Cars

Completed Project: Lambo Green Widebody GT-R

One of our loyal Jotech customers just recently got back his completed Lamborghini green (Verda Ithaca) 2010 GT-R from us. It's got a custom widebody kit done by New Concept, who also applied all of the paint. This is definitely a one-off car, and it turns heads everywhere it goes. The owner wanted more than just looks on this ride though, we put our Stage 3 GT-R Power Package in it to give him some big numbers. His highest dyno (At TX2k11 Dyno Day) as of yet is 727.5WHP on C16 race gas and high boost.

We of course took photos throughout the entire process and wrapped it up with the included photoshoot on completion. See this car go from dream to reality:

See the project page for this car.
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