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Introducing Jotech E85/93OCT Tune

At Jotech we're obviously always looking for any and all ways to improve performance and power output. Many of our GT-R customers are now switching over to our Jotech E85/93OCT Flexible tune with our Cobb AccessPort installation. The most important benefit of this switch is the instant power gains, ranging anywhere from 20-40 horsepower to the wheels. This is due to the higher octane rating than the fuel offered at the pump.

Alongside the performance benefits are many economical and ecological benefits. E85 is a 85% ethanol 15% gasoline mix, so although it doesn't completely abandon our need for un-renewable fossil fuels, it does save thousands of gallons of gasoline you'd be pumping a year. Your wallet will also be saved at the pump with E85, as the cost is usually quite a bit lower than 93OCT (As of current date).

The single major drawback is the availability of E85, as there are a limited number of stations throughout each state in the US. To see if this switch would be practical for you, visit this website, E85Refueling.com, and search for the closest E85 station in your area. However, because of this low availability in some areas, we will provide you with multiple maps where you can quickly switch over to an E85 tune or a 93OCT tune, allowing you to run your car on whichever fuel you can get your hands on.

Here are two of our most recently E85 converted Nissan GT-R's:

Stage 2 'Carbon-Free' 2009 GT-R

Stage 2 'VK' 2010 GT-R

Stage 2 'Phat' Super SIlver GT-R

Stage 3 Track GT-R

Stage 5 Jotech GT-R

If you're ready to make the switch, please contact us.

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