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Introducing UpRev tuning for most Nissan & Infiniti Platforms!

We're very excited to announce we are now an official certified UpRev tuning shop. With the Osiris software we can make easy power on all-motor setups for most all Nissan and Infiniti platforms. Of course this offers more precise control over big forced induction builds as well. We already have some big projects lined up and will be post more content as we use this extremely capable software more and more.

Here are the details and pricing points for the different levels:

Osiris Reflash Service$300

Our mail-in service for our customers that wish to send their ECU to us for a one time recalibration when using a Stand Alone ECU. Or can be purchased directly through a Pro Tuner or Dealer when having a custom Dyno tune performed.

Osiris Standard$500

Our PC based reflash system allowing the user to flash their ECU with customized tuning provided by UpRev or an UpRev Pro Tuner. Osiris Standard includes Cipher and comes with three eTune updates providing custom tuning for your vehicle.

Osiris Tuner$700

The better alternative to Stand-Alone ECU and Piggyback systems.

E-Tune Custom Tuning$50

Our email based tuning service option for Osiris Standard customers. eTunes are purchased from UpRev directly or from any of our supporting Pro Tuners world wide. eTune updates are based on Cipher data logs you provide to us by email.

Once we receive your logs we will review them and make necessary changes to your tune. The new tune will be emailed back to you to be loaded via Osiris.

Upgrade Osiris Standard to Tuner$200

UPGRADE Osiris Standard to Tuner.

Upgrade Osiris Standard to Tuner$300

UPGRADE Cipher to Osiris Standard.

Upgrade Osiris Standard to Tuner$500

UPGRADE Cipher to Osiris Tuner.

For more information on UpRev, Osiris, and Cipher please visit their website: UpRev.com
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