July 8, 2011 Posted by admin in Photoshoot

Quite the Collection

One of our customer's wanted a photo shoot done for his nice car collection he's got going on — in which all of the cars happened to be Jotech powered vehicles. We used his White Stage 3 "PartyBoi's 458K" GT-R, the Red Stage 4 "R3D" GT-R, the Black Stage 3 "Yang" Evo X, and his White Stage 2 "Yin" Evo X. We also had to say goodbye to the Yin and Yang Evo's as the owner shipped them off to Laos literally an hour after the photo shoot was over. At least we have some good photos to have in memory!

Saying goodbye to the Yin & Yang Evo's.

For this shoot we hired the lovely model Mimi Sisombath ( Model Mayhem | Facebook ), be sure to check out her pages and send her a message for your next event or shoot — she's great to work with!

On to the photos:

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