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SEMA 2011 — Jotech Motorsports Recap

For those of you who don't what SEMA is, it's the largest automotive industry convention in the world. It attracts hundreds of thousands of vendors and consumers from all around the world to see the coolest cars, newest products, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas. This year we went with our new sponsors Black Magic, Rain X, and Gumout to show off our newest GT-R's and the newest products from our sponsors.

We brought our truck and trailer with it's brand new wrap, Kenny's new Matte White Jotech GT-R, the Lambo Green GT-R, and the Phat GT-R.

Day 0 & Day 1

We had a little under 24 hours to set-up our two booths, but with the help of several of Black Magic experts and the Jotech Motorsports crew, we got it done with time to spare. The first day of SEMA was bustling with tens of thousands of buyers and exhibitors as expected. The biggest event of the day was most definitely the drift event with Ken Block (With the Ford Fiesta of the Gymkhana video fame) and Vaugh Gittin Jr with his Mustang. The two Black Magic models brought in the crowds to pass out all of our awesome sample product and inform them of what Black Magic, Gumout, RainX, and Jotech are all about. Another great success was our Gumout GT-R, which was featured in the SEMA issue of DSPORT magazine, and according to them one of the most popular features in their magazine. Thousands of free magazine issues were given out, driving thousands of people from across the world to our booth to check out the Gumout/Jotech GT-R and see it up close and in person.

Day 2

In Day 2 of SEMA we passed out the rest of our Black Magic, Rain X, and Gumout sample product that we had on site, and started to bring in the rest of the 14 palettes worth of free product and merchandise we had ready to giveaway. We had Ron, James, and Rusty our panel of product experts on site to answer everyone's technical questions and explain why Black Magic, RainX and Gumout are the leading brands on the market. With our booth literally right next to the drift track we had a great view of the action all day, we had two new drivers on the track — Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan showed us how much rubber they could burn up in a couple laps. Two of the most popular cars at SEMA were definitely the two new Lamborghini Aventadors, one at Pirelli Tire, and the other at Giovanna. We entered our Lambo Green GT-R into the Gran Turismo contest, and they came by and judged it. This car was a huge attraction in our inside booth, and was definitely the most interesting GT-R at SEMA.

Day 3

With Day 3 of SEMA we saw a lot more regular consumers than we did vendors, and got to meet many of the carcissists that have already been using our product face to face. We had Rusty from Gumout out there along with Ron to answer technical questions and give product displays. We had new products to giveaway, a variety of Rain X and Gumout merchandise, including a Rain X Wipe and Swipe, RainX Umbrella, Anti-Fog, and Coupons. Along with Gumout Fuel Stabilizer samples, branded bottle openers, and more Black Magic Bullets. We had our two models working our inside booth to bring more traffic outside, and it definitely worked — we had a very packed booth all day, bringing in tens of thousands of people. The Black Magic or "Phat GT-R" was definitely a crowd pleaser, and many said was the cleanest GT-R at the show, so definitely a suitable fit for the Black Magic GT-R. The prize for most expensive and most exotic goes to the Matte White Bugatti Veyron outside in the Dub Show booth, it was in a class of it's own.

Day 4

With the last day of SEMA things were starting to slow down all around the show, but we still came in force and brought in a ton of people due to the awesome free product we were giving out, and the two beautiful models we had bringing our booth to life. We had all of our Black Magic, Gumout, and Rain X product experts on site explaining why our product is the obvious choice, and then showed them in person with the tires, wheels, and cars we had on display in our booth. They were giving free ride-alongs in a couple of the drift mustangs, and there were people waiting on line for several hours. Being right next to all this action really helped bring in the crowds to help finish up the last day of SEMA strong. We gave out over 14 palettes of free product, and we're sure there are now several more carcissists in the automotive industry. We'd also like to give a big thanks to HRE Wheels for supplying the wheels for all 3 of the GT-R's we had on display.

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